January 18th, 2011

So I don’t take screenshots….

At least not very often.  That’s because I’m usually too busy doing loot tells and trying not to go insane.  But we did manage to kill Ascendant Council last night and put in some work on Cho’gall.  So lacking a picture of dead bosses, I give you instead a picture of me with the enchanter pet I made.  Yes, I really did pay 1200g for a maelstrom crystal so I could make the enchanter  pet.  So sue me.  It’s cute and it floats above your head.  Note however that it doesn’t do anything else.  I even tried clapping at it in the hopes that the whole Tinkerbell-I-Believe-In-Fairies thing would be in play.  No dice.

I’ll try to screenshot an actual mob for next time.

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