January 21st, 2011

Dude needs to go see Jenny Craig

I don’t really know much about Cho’gall. I admit to being deficient in lore. But I do know that he’s been around for a while. Big fella used to show up in Dire Maul a while back. Back then, he was pretty ripped. Clearly had a personal trainer going on. Check him out:

Obviously, something has gone horribly wrong. I don’t know. Maybe that one eyed head of his can’t read the nutrition information on all those bags of cheetos he’s been scarfing down, or maybe the two eyed head just can’t get enough on his Tombstone. I’m not sure, but the guy has really let himself go:

So apparently he’s so disgusted with himself that he wants everyone to join him in a binge/purge festival. Why else would you suddenly start puking all over your raid buddies during the final stage of the encounter? Maybe he can’t get those fat sausage fingers down his throats to solve his own problems, so he figured that he’d make all of us sick and that would somehow make it all better. I have three words for the guy though. This would solve everything…SYRUP OF IPECAC BUDDY!

Of course, we found another solution to his weight loss issues. You can’t eat when you’re dead.

See, I told you I’d get a picture of an actual mob this time. For those of you wondering, Al’Akir next. WINDBLASTCYCLONESACIDRAINGROUPUPSPREADOUT. Seriously Blizzard? How much shit do you want me to not stand in while still staring at my raid frames? I shoulda been dps. More next time.

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