February 21st, 2011


It’s time for the…

Introducing the GRANDEUR family! Kyns, Tanix, Herat, Sulfate, and Teribleterry! (Well, and 20 others too.)

Ready for action! (Yes, that is my UI. If you make fun of it, I will belittle you in a future post.)

And the CHIMAERON family. Left head, Right head…..er….um. LEFT AND RIGHT HEAD!

On your marks!
Let’s start….
With the star of Family Feud…RICHARD DAWSON!

(And you thought it couldn’t get any better than Shatner.)
I bet you, like me, have always wondered just who in the hell Johnny is. We’ve heard Richard Dawson talk to him offstage for years, but the guy is never onscreen. Well, we at Grandeur are nothing if not thorough. Here, for the very first time, we have captured a photo of the reclusive Johnny! Witness:

The Heroic Chimaeron fight is very much like an episode of Family Feud. What you’re trying to do is work your way to the fast money round. But to do that, you have to navigate a myriad of issues. We can show you how in face off form!

Top Seven answers are on the board. We asked 100 raiders the following question…

And let me tell you, friends and neighbors, if you don’t think Kyns beat Lord Vic to the buzzer on this topic after this week, you are sorely mistaken! All the man had to do was hear “wipe” and “Heroic Chimaeron” and he had a myriad of options to choose from. Of course, Kyns got the number one answer!

However unusual it might be, getting the right answer in today’s game of Family Feud also results in a strike!

It will not be the last of them. Not by a long shot. In point of fact, allow me to illustrate just how many strikes the Grandeur family uses today.

I wouldn’t leave you without closure. Here, have a look at all seven answers. If you’re a member of the guild, these should come as no surprise to you. There are of course, a myriad of other answers available, but as we all know…the answer has to be worth at least 2 to get on the family feud survey board! With 27 strikes to our credit, we revealed them all…

Eventually, the Grandeur family would prevail and reach stage 2 of Heroic Chimaeron. In an oddly appropriate fashion, this is very much like the fast money round! Except instead of trying to get to 200 points, you’re trying to go from 22 to zero. And you have about as much time. The only bad part is if you screw up, you don’t hear the little buzzer and have Richard Dawson whisper “Try Again” like happened in the real game. Instead, you hear Kyns give a heavy sigh in mumble followed by those immortal words, “Just die.”

Let’s take a look at how the fast money round starts!

For every point you earn in fast money, Chimaeron’s percentage declines by one. If you reach zero, you get those wonderful parting gifts that Johnny told us about. How about we take a look at the final board.

And the final result…

Two down, 11 to go. There is one downside to all this, however. Remember I mentioned that crazy guy in the basement a few posts back? Well, apparently he was really attached to Chimaeron. I guess the sleepy dragon was something of a family pet.

For you hoodoo people, now you have Chimaeron’s truename available if you’re into that sort of thing. Just use your leftover Toy Story dinosaur dolls as a fetish along with the truename “Spot” and you have an instant double-headed dragon servant. As to the rest, we’ll deal with you next week Maloriak. But for now, we leave you with Richard Dawson carrying Chimaeron’s one and only strike. Until next time…

EDIT: Teribleterry has yet again come through for us, and this time we clued each other in on the posting plan. You’ll find the Family Feud theme continues in his fine video work.

Terry…Shatner called. He says all is forgiven.

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