April 28th, 2011

Who you gonna call?

We’re back.

Before we get started, our apologies for the lack of updates. Like many guilds in WoW, we had to do a bit of reorganization these past several weeks, but everything is straightened out now and we’re back working towards new kills which result in more nifty videos from Teribleterry and crazy posts from yours truly. Currently, recruiting is closed as we’re now a strictly 10-man organization, but if you’re interested in us check back periodically to see if anything has opened up. Now, on with the latest from….


So this is a story every man out there should take to heart. You have to be careful boys, particularly those among you who are part of the dating game lest you end up in a situation like…this…

“Now where did I leave that card. I know I had it here somewhere in case the boys got out of line. Maybe next to the rats. Hmmmm….THERE!”

“Ahem, yes, thank you. I…um…that is to say we have a snake problem? You handle snake problems, right?”

“Of course we do, dear.”

“Yes then. Um, my name is Vikki Nefarian? Wife of Victor Nefarian? My husband and I live at 101 Blackrock Mountain Way and there’s a really big snake in the yard? Um. You guys take care of things like that, right?”

“We’ll send a team right out, dear.”

(A few minutes and one casting of Have Group Will Travel later…)

Of course, if people would just keep their pets in the darn house, none of this would happen. But no, this guy had to let his snake out to play in the yard. But that’s no excuse for the villainy perpetrated by Ms. Vashj in this tale of woe. Naturally, Grandeur Extermination Services was up to the task. Moments later, the snake was disposed of and Cerrus, our billing department manager, was hard at work on the invoice.

Needless to say, the man of the house was not pleased.

It may be that we’ll have to send an arm of our diversified company, Grandeur Collection Services, to take care of the bill. But that’s okay. We’ll deal with Mr. Nefarian’s young ward, Maloriak, and take the money we’re owed out of his hide. More interesting for our readers, perhaps, is the fallout from the snake removal.

Is anyone surprised that Vic is a man of the 21st century?

Let it be a warning to you boys. Be careful who you date. She just might hire a group of stalwart adventurers to cut off your snake at the head.

We’ll be back with more soon, but let me leave you with the video stylings of Teribleterry’s latest kill story. See you next time with Maloriak’s head on a platter…

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