July 1st, 2011

Huntard Down!

So, welcome to Firelands. I guess it’s a proper noun right? Or would it be firelands? Nevermind. Stream of consciousness late in the evening. All I know is I’m happy we got more than two recycled troll instances this time. Although I guess we got a recycled final boss. Am I the only one who thinks if he says that Molten Core was only a setback when we get to Rag that I’m going to do damage to my monitor? That joke got old about the 33rd time Blizz used it. Anyway…onward.

So when we killed this guy, the first of our normal modes in the new raid instance, I had to consider. First, I had to consider “well, it’s a hunter…not all of them might as easy as this, so maybe I should do full kill posts for all of them.” Then I had to consider “how in the name of hell am I going to do TWO posts for each mob, one for the normal mode and one for the heroic mode?” So that made my decision easy. Full posts for heroic modes only. Thus, I present you with first boss kill in Firelands: Shannon…er…Shannox.

Sorry, I got confused by the name there. Shannon was a girl I once knew. She went down almost as easy as a hunter does. Shannox is a hunter. Anyway, you understand my confusion.

I have to apologize for the lack of awesome screenshots. I meant to take a few while we worked on the fight so I had some action shots, as it were. (Good lord, did I just talk about “action shots” after talking about a girl who went down easy? Sorry.) Anyway, I didn’t get any shots of the fight, but I did manage to find a suitable substitute….

Shannox’ adds are cuddly little things aren’t they? Back with more stuff soon.

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