July 5th, 2011

Screenshots are hard.

Very hard actually. So hard in fact, that I forgot to take screenshots of our last two dead monsters. However, the internet has provided these fine substitutes and illustrations for your entertainment.

First we went and hung out with Beth’tilac. Which, am I the only one who keeps wanting to call him Similac after the baby formula? I have to find cool nicknames because they changed out Anthicryst or whatever during development when they realized that everyone, myself included, was going to call him The Antichrist.

Anyway, as I mentioned, screenshots were lacking last night so allow me to illustrate:

After we stepped on the spider, which was actually a bit easier than learning how to kill the crocodile boss in Maraudon, we went over and had some fun with Lord Ryolith the Ponderous. The best comparison I can make to working on this boss is you know how you watch those 97 year old ladies trying to park their ’87 oldsmobile by backing the sucker in? And you think you might be 97 yourself before they finally slowly back that fucker into the spot? Ryolith is sorta like that. You see him heading for the active volcano. You know he’s going to run it over. You just aren’t sure if it’s going to happen before you’re ready for the retirement home.

Sorta like this poor guy:

I will endeavor to take real screenshots next time. Last I saw there was a big bastard with swords standing in front of a gate smushing a bear. I’m sure it’ll all come out okay though.

See ya next time.

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