July 8th, 2011

So yeah, I guess I lied.

Remember when I said I’d take screenshots of dead mobs? Um. Well. Zestrenocya is apparently a synonym for failure. I forgot yet again. I do have a screenshot though of….something.

See, F11 is my whisper key for officer channel in mumble. Which, if I move my hand too far over, I sometimes get the next bank of keys which has the print screen button in it for taking screenshots. I’m pretty sure that’s how we got that masterpiece. Anyway, in terms of in-game screenshots, that’s all you get. For the rest of this post, you’re going to have to make due with my poor substitutes.

So anyway, on Wednesday we went over to visit the dude in front of the gate. Um. Jesus, I’m getting senile. He’s named Something-or-other. BALEROC! That’s it. He didn’t much make an impression and went the way of the dodo bird with only a few attempts. All he left behind was this:

After that, Thursday came around as we added an extra day to our week. My wife was none too happy about that, let me tell you, but it did give my new kitten three more hours to sit here at my computer desk and play with pens, which are his new favorite toy. Anyway, we went to play with the birdy again. After many unfortunate encounters with the fiery tornadoes and repeated incidences of me screaming in mumble “DONT KITTY YET HERAT!” we finally achieved this fine end result:

After that we moved onto Majordomo Staghelm which featured an absolutely awesome cut scene of a bridge forming in front of Domo’s lair….no doubt done by the bridge forming specialist over at Blizzard who previously brought you the formation of Vashj’s bridge in Serpentshrine Cavern. That must be a cool job. Dude sits at Blizz development all day just waiting for someone to stop by and say “JACK! Get to work! We need a bridge cut scene!” I bet I could do that. I wonder how much the bridge guy gets paid. Hope they have good bennies.

For those of you who don’t know, Majordomo Staghelm turns into both a scorpion and a kitty cat. I couldn’t really decide which substitute screenshot to use, so I went with one of each. I present to you dead Majordomo substitute screenshots 1 and 2.

We paid a visit to Mr. Ragnaros after all of that, but after one encounter with the sons recklessly slamming into the hammer, we called it a night. Back with more on Sunday after he’s toast.

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