July 22nd, 2011

Oh the pain. The pain.

In WoW, there are some encounters that are sort of like your kryptonite.

I’ve been playing since release day and I can remember several of them. Some of them are personal kryptonite like, for me, the original 40 man Maexxna where I just could not seem to survive getting thrown up on the wall. Every single time it happened I was in that dead zone where you could only be healed with Prayer of Healing and I’d die a horrible death. Most, however, are guild kryptonite. Those encounters which are miserable to learn and more miserable to repeat. Oh, I remember them well.

40-man Gothik the Harvester
Lady Vashj
and the all time champions:
Heroic Sindragosa and my personal favorite Kalecgos.

I should take a moment here to give a shout out to Tanix’ personal demon by the way. I didn’t find this boss quite as reprehensible as he did, but after all…poor Tanix had to lead the three months of attempts on him:

And so we come to our latest in a long line of bedeviling encounters. Normal mode Ragnaros. We spent a few nights on this guy before we recognized that we had a fundamental misunderstanding of the fight. That is, we discovered that we needed to use the new math here. In Ragnaros, 2 > 3. I shall provide you with an illustration.

Having worked that out finally after much due diligence on the part of Tanix scouring logs in WoL (and in the process discovering that he could score a world #2 healer ranking if he banished me to the left side of the room and did all the heavy lifting,) we adjusted to two healers and began making some progress. There were, however, still some issues. Enough of them in fact that some of our members took to strange behavior such as this subtle attempt to disguise one’s self as a guild vault chest:

As you might recall, Ragnaros has visited us before. Back in the early days of our adventuring, we ran into the fine gentleman in Molten Core. He wasn’t nearly the man he is today, however. After a few days back then, this was all that remained of our buddy Rag.

Now, most people don’t know this, but it turns out that Ragnaros is an avid player of the World of Warcraft collectible card game! After being so soundly trounced in his original form, Ragnaros set out to build a better mousetrap, so to speak. He got the idea for something like this:

Now that he had his new hammer all limbered up, Ragnaros apparently decided he needed some new digs. That old musty place didn’t have quite the same appeal and after all, he had to hire a new Majordomo seeing as the last one…well, we all know what happened to him. As a parenthetical aside, my kudos to Blizzard for resisting the desire to re-use “Too Soon.” I mean, it’s about the only thing they haven’t re-used in the last couple of years, but by God they didn’t re-use that. Anyway, check out the contrast.

Old Home:

New Home:

So…new house? Check! New hammer? Check!! But of course, what is all of that without…a new look! Rag went and visited his stylist.

It turned out this all worked well for Rag. If he destroyed one of us, we would generally end up executing the second ability of the above hammer in fine fashion, usually with Herat saying “Stand in the fire.” We stood in the fire a lot after the hammer did its work. And all was right with Rag’s world.

But then things began to go horribly horribly wrong for Rag thanks to two of the most fundamentally important tools in the Grandeur repertoire. The first:

The second would be the threat of this:

For the better part of the last two hours last night, there was never any fail on the Sons of Flame. Not a one reached the hammer. Almaix credited this to partially our use of flares to perfect Sons assignments and partially because “we were all afraid you were gonna start screaming and cause us permanent hearing damage.” I shamefully admit that this has been known to occur in the past.

With the Sons accounted for, we progressed regularly to stage three where two further nemeses awaited us. Again, I shall provide you with graphic illustrations as is my wont.

And, of course, the dreaded WALL OF FLAME!

And so, after much trial and tribulation, I give you our final screenshot of one big ass chest:

Er…um….okay, so I was going through my screenshot folder to pick out the best screenshot to use for the kill and I discovered that beauty above. It took me a while, but I figured out that I really didn’t take that screenshot. You see, occassionally my new kitten likes to play World of Warcraft too. He loved the Ragnaros fight with all the stuff moving on the screen which, as you’ve seen my UI, made it remarkably hard to heal since he sat right in front of GRID. I ended up having to banish him to the other bedroom most evenings. In retaliation, I’m pretty sure he took that screenshot. Be on the lookout for the culprit:

Ahem…as I was saying…the final result of much stress on the part of 10 stalwart adventurers:

As per usual, Teribleterry has done the videographer thing. I happen to think this is an excellent 10 man video for Ragnaros in many ways because of Terry’s position on the fight. You have a good look at everything that goes on. Watch for yourself. Thanks for staying up until 4am and finishing it Terry!

Remember those puppies? You saw them down below. Apparently they’re meaner now. We might have to do something about that next week.

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