September 28th, 2011

The double event!

Yeah, yeah. I know. I know. This post is over a week out of date. I can explain. See I got this message from one of my members that the site had a virus or something, so I started investigating.

Well, it turns out, if you thought the site had a virus, you were wrong. You’ve got one though somewhere on your machine. However, in the exchange I had to update quite a few of our website elements. (The entertaining thing about this is that the blog you’re reading…the one that I was told does a virus the only thing that was actually up-to-date and secure! IRONY!) So for the past week, I’ve been learning a good deal more about phpbb and things like gallery than I ever wanted to know. The good news is, between the efforts of myself and Tanix, the message board is up to date! The bad news is, I got a delay of game penalty called on me.

So, you guys all get cheated. Instead of two kill posts, you only get one. This is the post of the double event!

As I’m sure all of you know, there were quite a few changes to the Firelands heroic raids. We’d been making steady progress, and then the nerfs came. And oh, Lordy, did they come. First we went to visit Beth’tilac who was, according to popular wisdom, the hardest pre-nerf heroic 10 encounter before Ragnaros. Well, here’s a graphic recipe of the fight for you.

Take one dose of

Add a measure of

Which results in

Leading directly to

We laughingly one-shot the hardest heroic in the zone post-nerf and we did it without having heroism or time warp in the raid. In the defense of the encounter, I will admit that we wiped on it three or four times this week, but it was still pretty darn easy compared to what it had been.

We then went to visit Baelroc, the other encounter we had yet to conquer. Baelroc comes in the form of a big huge giant.

Yes, even bigger than him, although the picture makes me think…wouldn’t it be cool to fight like a rampaging Hulk Hogan as a boss? I mean, think of the possibilities on Mumble. “Spread out! Hulkamania in 5!” Anyway…

He’s supposed to be really intimidating what with his flaming sword and his decimation blade, but that really isn’t the case. I managed to over complicate things by using the old “really hard heroic” strat for the first night when we should have been treating him like a normal mode boss. Which, eventually we did. We concluded that rather than being all tough and wicked, Baelroc is really closer to this fellow:

(I don’t know about y’all, but in my experience, that is the biggest fucking bunny I’ve ever seen. Someone is gonna see that picture on this site and pen a horror movie script and get rich. I’d like a cut of the gross, if that’s cool.)

Baelroc heroic is a stiff DPS check (not as stiff as it once was, but it’s still tight if you use three healers like we did to trivialize the healing portion of the fight.) He only really has one ability. It’s called something like countdown with tormented but what it really amounts to is…Baelroc gives out STDs with no penicillin.

Then you spread the STD through the raid if you’re retarded and you get too close to too many people like this guy:

Eventually, Tormented wears off…which is way different than an STD, as we all know from personal exper….er…from health class in high school. Yeah. That’s it. Health class. But wouldn’t it have been better if we’d had like an NPC cleric wandering around the raid causing ground spawns along these lines:

You get the virus from taking a crystal, which they could have changed to be either in the form of a hot lady in leather thigh high boots or a chippendale’s dancer (which might require you to consider toon gender when forming your raid! Even cooler!) Then you have to go pick up the cure from the cleric lest you turn into another statistic! Seriously. Blizzard should really put me on the encounter design team.

Either way, the end result was the same as with his buddy Beth’tilac:

So we’re six of seven. This probably means you won’t be seeing too many updates, but I will be adding a progress post in the next few days on heroic Ragnaros. Our stats so far? About 25 attempts with progress into stage 2. That world in flames thing though…that’s some rough action when you aren’t used to it moving around.

Our video documentarians would like to share their latest works with you. First our first effort from Taxin, our fearless leader. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t care for his choice in music and muted it for us.

Two more from Teribleterry here as well:


More soon. See you next time…

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