February 21st, 2012

I’m running a bit behind…

But I have an excuse. You might not think it’s a very good excuse, but it is an excuse. I’ve become addicted to Arkham Horror recently…or more properly I’ve renewed my addiction…and I’ve been busy playing countless games against the great old ones. As befits the standing of evil gods, they regularly kick my sorry ass. But I keep trying.

Anyway, I blame the fact that we killed Warmaster Blackhorn 10 days ago and I’m just now getting around to the kill post on this cuddly fella:

(Sadly, I should mention that my love affair with Cthulhu goes back years. I have several cuddly Cthulhu stuffed animals. My wife won’t let me keep them on the bed.)

(And yes, for those of you not versed in the works of HP Lovecraft, the WoW devs totally plagiarized that shit for their old gods.)

Another reason that I’ve been loathe to put up a kill post for Warmaster is that I was trying to think of a suitable theme. I came up with several, but none of them seemed quite right. Allow me to illustrate:

Now the real question with that illustration is how many of my guildies will actually recognize the reference. I know Gano will because he’s almost as old as I am. I watched that shit in FIRST RUN on network TV though. Of course, I really only watched it because Fantasy Island was on afterwards.

I also thought of doing something with this theme:

However, I wasn’t sure who would be Captain Bligh. Is it me because I’m the raid leader? Or is it Tanix because he’s the GM? I figured the role of Fletcher Christian would easily be filled by Ashlynne. Those warlocks are always willing to kill somebody! (Yes, I can hear some of you going “What the fuck are you talking about Zest?!?!?!?” Click here for help. Let the education of the masses continue!)

And of course, what naval themed post would be complete without a picture of the old girl herself.

They said God couldn’t sink her. Students of history will note that God had words with them during her maiden voyage. The Titanic reference is oddly appropriate. We didn’t hit an iceberg with Gunship 2.0, but there were times when it felt like we were flying the boat into a brick fuckin’ wall. And let me tell you, I will never be able to hear the words “All ahead full!” again without hearing them in a shitty dwarven accent. Sorta like I can’t hear “Great News!” from anyone without immediately responding with Professor Putricide’s voice. WoW voice acting can melt your brain.

Anyway, I kept trying to come up with just the right theme between games of Arkham Horror, and I kept not quite finding the right tone. And then it was ten days later and I thought I’d better get something up before we killed Spine this next reset. (Yes, that is optimism. I’m sure I’m confusing a bunch of you!) So instead of a themed post, you get more stream of consciousness ramblings.

On the plus side, I finally got a real corpse kill shot. Here you go:

I leave you with more movie making magic from Teribleterry and Herat. I hear tell that our videographers are working on a master compilation of some sort. I will share it with you as soon as I can. For now, enjoy these and I’ll see you next time.

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