May 1st, 2012

Batgirl and a Massive Movie

A couple of quick little things for those of you who enjoy reading my mindless ramblings.

First of all, a big round of congratulations for Alm who’s boss finally didn’t schedule him to work until closing on a Tuesday night, allowing him to turn his toon into Barbara Gordon and sprout nifty batwings as seen below. Since he’s our only rogue, this will be the only legendary post for us this cycle. Yes, I have a rogue alt. No, I am not competent on my rogue…not even a little competent.

Additionally, we have an embed from our warlock, Ashlynne, who took footage of our raids from his own point-of-view and melded it in with stuff from Herat and Teribleterry to come up with one of those neat multi-perspective highlight videos. Of course, those of you who remember Ashlynne’s work from Firelands know that you can expect wonderful warlock humor interspersed throughout the post. Great job Ashlynne.

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