Guild Information

Vinge — Guild Leader

Our current recruiting officer is Tahmi (Venestia#1246)

Grandeur is a World of Warcraft guild on the Kilrogg server composed primarily of friends from EQ1 and several other MMORPGs that we’ve played in the past several years. We play alliance.

Our guild was formed with a primary goal in mind: to have fun, and progress through end game content.

What can I expect if I raid with Grandeur?

Well, we hope you can expect to have fun. But you can also expect to lose…sometimes, a lot. In addition to everything else, we are also one damned tenacious bunch. Just because we wipe to a new boss the first 11 times, doesn’t mean our new strategy won’t work the 12th time. We aspire to the end game here because that’s what we find fun. Beating the hardest content usually means losing to the hardest content while we figure it out as a team.

How does Grandeur award raid loot?

We award raid loot using EPGP.

What is Grandeur’s guild/group/raid chat like?

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it XXX, but it’s decidedly NC-17. We have remarkably few people under the age of consent considering this is a video game, and some of us are damned old for gamers. If you desperately need to exist in a politically correct environment or if you find copious use of George Carlin’s seven dirty words offensive, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

What is Grandeur’s VOIP like?

In a short phrase, it is quiet. If you are one of those people who thinks that the best part of raiding is chatting incessantly over ventrillo (or, in our case, Teamspeak), then we are most definitely the wrong guild for you. We use our Mumble server to communicate raid instructions and call out pertinent information. Social chat is confined to /g /p /raid and the like during our raids. Of course, there are ample channels present for out-of-raid use for your five mans and the like.


Please read our announcement thread for class openings and updated requirements. We expect you to be content playing your current character/class. If you aren’t, then do not seek membership. We want people who desire to do the impossible and never give up. A Willingness to learn, adapt and follow directions implicitly is a must. We want active players that play nearly everyday, if you’re going to play for a few weeks/months and disappear or if you want to PVP when we’re raiding, then we’re not the guild for you. Your play times while you are trying to join should not be different than your play times after you join.

You must be willing to respec as needed. This means if you are using a PvP template or something that adds an unneeded debuff or that is not conducive to raiding then you’ll be asked to respec. You may be asked to respec at a later time if certain talents prove to be necessary for raiding as well.

We expect the following:
Level 100
80%+ Raid Attendance
A Solid Internet Connection
Teamspeak — you don’t need to talk, but you must listen.
Willingness to learn, adapt and follow directions implicitly
A good sense of humor!

Typical Raiding times/days (in PST):

Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:00PM – 10PM pacific (server)

Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Monday: Off (Once in a blue moon, there may be a monday raid with the acquiescence of the group. If you aren’t sure what a blue moon is, look it up on the wiki!)

If you cannot raid these times, have to log on late or log early frequently then we’re not the guild for you. You MUST be able to show up on time and stay the duration.